Testing Equipments

For the purpose of qualificatoin of bearings,
Taiwan Pillar installed the "6000 Ton Biaxial Press Testing System" in 2000.

The vertical load capacity is up to 6000 ton and the horizontal load capacity is 500 ton.

The maximum movement is ±600mm.
6000T Biaxial Press Testing System Specification
Function Horizontal Vertical
Max. Force Forward 668 T Downward 6155 T
Back 540 T Upward 368 T
Max. movement Max. Amplitude±600mm 500 mm
Max. moving speed 15 mm/sec 0.58 mm/sec
Surface Size 2000x2000 mm
  • 品質控管-試驗設備
  • 品質控管-試驗設備
  • 1.LRB Bearing-Shear deformation test
  • 2.Potbearing-Accommodate Loads test
  • 3.Sliding Bearing-Friction coefficient test