Pot Bearing

If reuqired, the pot bearing can be designed
with hold-down devices to resist uplift forces.

Pot bearings are classified into there types: Fixed type, Sliding Guided type and Free Sliding Type. The elastomer which confined in the pot behaves like fluid. It's hydrostatic characteristics enable the elastomer to subject to rotation and huge compressive pressure. The internal seal rings are designed to prevent the elastomer from extruding under pressure. The low coefficient of friction and good performance to wear make the PTFE disk as an ideal sliding material in pot bearing. The external seal is provided to exclude moisture and debris.

Taiwan Pillar has produced more than 20000 units of pot bearings over the past 25 years in domestic and overseas markets. The design of our bearings can be customized to customer's requirements.
Pot Bearing Characteristic
  • Suitable to logn span bridge, e.g., and suitable to variable bridges
  • Suitable to huge rotation and displacement, the displacement can be up to 1 meter
  • Compact size, reduce the structural cost
  • Easy maintenance and replacement
  • Long life-cycle and economic
  • cable-stayed bridge and extradosed bridge
  • steel bridges and concrete bridges
The design specification of pot bearing
Pot bearing can be designed to project specificatoin of projects or AASHTO, BS 5400 and EN1337.
Bearing Types
Fixed, Sliding Guided , Free Sliding