Elastomeric Bearing

The elastomeric bearings can be made of natural rubber (NR) or neoprene (CR) depend on the project's requirements.
The laminated elastomeric bearings are laminated with layers of internal rubber and reinforced steel plates which increase the vertical stiffness.
It can be used in variable applications such as PCI girder, box girder.
Elastomeric Bearing Characteristic
  • Without movable components;low friction;Corroding resistance.
  • Light weight, easy to install and saving space.
  • No cracks when subject to freeze.
  • Burned resistance.
  • Oil resistance and high-chemical endurance.
  • High strength and physical endurance.
  • No need for maintenance.
  • Low creep.
  • Compensating displacements caused by temperature change.
  • Extreme buffer
  • Structural bearing in bridges and building
  • Piping girder in fab building
The design specification of Elastomeric bearing
Elastomeric bearings can be designed and tested to meet customre's requirements (AASHTO, EN 1337-3, BS 5400).